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We can't wait to meet you!

Excitement is brewing at Creative Heart Play Cafe!


Our mission is to spark the boundless creativity and imagination in every child. Picture a place where artistry, sensory , and imaginative play come together to create an experience that's as lively and inventive as the young minds it caters to.


But it's more than play; it's about community. We're dedicated to sculpting a space that is as welcoming and inclusive as the laughter that fills it. A place where children play freely, and parents find a moment to unwind, connect, and share in the joy of their little ones' discoveries.

Step into Creative Heart, where every corner echoes with the laughter of imagination, and every heartbeat pulses with the warmth of shared experiences.

Pricing by half-hour

0.5 hours.....$3

1 hour.....$6

1.5 hours......$9

2 hours......$12

15% off total price for 2 or more siblings

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